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I have a tabel with about 200.000 rows, where I’m making about 1 mio updates a day ind a varchar field. I just want some comments on the use of extreme use of updates.. On the same table I’m making 1.5 mio selects a day… Any comments on that ?? Henrik
How about indexes on that field in the table?
Update stats and dbcc dbreindex will keep up the performance of the queries. Satya SKJ
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There is nothing much to say about the use of updates except that when running together with numerous SELECT operations, you are bound to end up with BLOCKING and DEADLOCKING issues at some point. Your varchar (indexed as I understand) field may be a good ingredient for FRAGMENTATION of your index especially if the updates are being performed on the index key. Notes:
– 200,000 rows: Do you expect further growth in this table?
– What is the nature of your updates? Random (user determined) or administratively focused on a specific range of records (a hotspot)?
-Ever thought about TRANSACTION ISOLATION Levels? Nathan H.O.