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Using a Business Logic Object as Data Source

I want to connect the datasource of my reports to a business logic object that
returns a dataset instead of using a direct connection to a SQL Server. Anyone that knows if and how this be done? Regards
In order to do this you need to implement a Data Processing extension.With Reporting Services data processing extensions, you can integrate into Reporting Services data processing any custom DataSet objects that are created by external applications. To accomplish this, you create a custom data processing extension in Reporting Services that acts as a bridge between your DataSet object and the report server. Most of the code for processing this DataSet object is contained in the DataReader class that you create. See "Using an External Dataset with Reporting Services" in BOL. HTH Jasper Smith
Also, you might want to check out
A Data Extension for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services that allows DataSets returned from methods within Assemblies to be used as Data Sources HTH Jasper Smith
Thanks for all help Jasper,
now I’m on the right track! Another useful example is provided by Microsoft under
Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLReporting ServicesSamples Look in documentation
"Sample File Share Data Processing Extension" Thanks again!