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Value in percentage

Hello…i have a question can i display the value in an olap report in percentage(%) based on the selected criteria?…because currently i just use the wizard to display the value in percentage which is at the field setting wizard,i choose % of column..but the value is not correct bcoz it didn’t display the % based on the criteria but it display the % of the column…the following is the example of the problem i had. a) Current report Vehicle Brand AmountAmount(%)
Car Mazda 2 22.2
Toyota 2 22.2
Honda 1 11.1
Total car 5 55.5 Motorcycle Honda 3 33.3
Yamaha 1 11.1
Total motorcycle 4 44.4
b) Required report Vehicle Brand AmountAmount(%)
Car Mazda 2 40
Toyota 2 40
Honda 1 20
Total car 5 100 Motorcycle Honda 3 75
Yamaha 1 25
Total motorcycle 4 100 I really hope if there’s anyone can help me….thank you.

You should do that kind of formatting at the front end. You can easily concatenate the ‘%’ at the report layer. ***********************
Dinakar Nethi
SQL Server MVP
Thank u ndinakar…but can u explain more on how to do that…coz i’m quite new to olap report..lots of thing i still don’t know yet…
Am not sure what reporting tool you are using but you should be able to concatenate values at the report layer. ***********************
Dinakar Nethi
SQL Server MVP
i’m using analysis services and sql server the example that i gave earlier, there’s a measure called far as i know, we can’t insert 2 same measure in the data field area in the pivot for ur info, i’ve created a calculated members called Amount2 to get the Amount value (which means now i’ve exactly 2 same data but with different name) and then insert it in the data field area…after that i used the field setting wizard to convert the value to become %…i’m i doing the right thing?