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variance between two total columns

I have a matrix in my report with two column groups, worktype and type. For evey worktype, there are three types- build, design, and overhead. I have a subtotal on types so that for each worktype I get a sum of the build, design , and overhead hours. I have three worktypes- supply, forecast, and actual. What I need to do is add two variance columns- one for forecast and one for actual. The value of the variance columns needs to be the total from worktype supply hours – forecast hours and supply hours – actual hours, respectively. Does anyone know how I can achieve this? Thanks, Aaron

Had the same problem with percentage values on a report for sub/totals
VarA , VarB, DiffA Create a new field called DiffA = ((Fields!MTD.VarA) – (Fields!PY_MTD.VarB)) Place this field in on your table element Level =(Fields!PY_MTD.DiffA)) Group/Total Level =Sum(Fields!PY_MTD.DiffA))
Percentage =(Fields!PY_MTD.DiffA)) /(Fields!PY_MTD.VarB)) and set field format to ‘P’ Hope this helps