Visual Basic Database Programming

Book Review

Visual Basic Database Programming
by Michael Kofler
Copyright 2002
Addison Wesley

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At the last couple of companies I have worked at, I have found myself teaching VB developers how to properly access SQL Server data. If they had purchased this book, Visual Basic Database Programming, and read it, not only would I have more time on my hands, but these developer’s would have produced faster performing SQL Server-based applications.

This book is designed for VB developers who want to learn how to access SQL Server data. Given the ever increasing popularity of SQL Server as a back-end to Visual Basic, the information found in this book is invaluable.

Here’s what this book covers:

  • Quick Start

  • Relational Databases

  • Tools and Components

  • Transact-SQL

  • Database Design

  • Connection Objects

  • Recordset Objects

  • Command Objects

  • Hierarchical Recordsets

  • Database Control Elements

  • Storing Linked Records

  • Input Form for Linked Records

  • Internet Databases with Web Classes

  • SQL Server Administration with SQL DMO

  • Transfer of Database Projects

  • Libraries

  • ADO Control Elements and Designer

Oddly, for a book that just came out, the examples in this book are based on SQL Server 7.0. This is really not a problem, as they all should also work with SQL Server 2000. The book also devotes a lot to the MSDE engine, which is good, because good information on this topic is hard to come by.

While the book does a good job of covering SQL Server access from Visual Basic, it doesn’t offer much in the way of performance tuning information. There are some sprinkled about the book, but I would have like to see an entire chapter devoted to it. Time and time again, as I troubleshoot SQL Server performance problems, I have discovered that poorly written Visual Basic applications are often at the root of the problem.

Overall, though, this book is a good introduction to the topic, and you should consider it it if you are a Visual Basic developer who needs to learn how to access SQL Server data.


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