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Victim of Dataset Caching?

I am experiencing a odd duplication of datasets – I created an initial data source and dataset for FoodMart2000, wrote a report and all went well. I then returned to create a new dataset within the creation of a new report – specifying the same data source. I executed the dataset and noted that the data returned, even field names, is the same as the original dataset, even though my second dataset contained MDX that selected entirely different fields. Even field selections reflect the original dataset, although under the name of the new dataset. When I bind the new dataset to the matrix, and go into the column / field with a right click to select values, all I see are those from the initial dataset. I have tried this many times, even deleting the original source, datasets, beginning in a new project, etc., all with the same result. I suspect that the original dataset is somehow cached, but can find no direction on how to clear it, or, better yet, configure to allow for more than one dataset. I suspect caching, but may be wrong. I concluded this because, when I create a datasouce in another cube, then create a dataset upon that datasource, I get a correct set with no problem. Anyone come across this, or understand the mechanics behind how RS manages datasets enough to give me some direction? With thanks in advance, Lazarus