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virtual name already exists when installing sql

Hi I am trying to install sql server 2000 on windows 2003. The server lost connection in the middle of my install. Now when I go back to install sql on to the cluster it as for the virtual host name, I give the name and it gives me error that the name already exists on the network. How do I get around this.
Thanks for all you help!
The SQL Cluster Wizard creates the net name, IP, sqlserver, agent and vsrvsvc resources in the cluster, brings the SQL Server resource online, and changes the local server in the sysservers system table to the virtual server name. One possible solution is rename the Sqlsrv32.dll file, and then reboot the computer. Before retrying, make sure that only the minimum services are running Satya SKJ
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Maybye this could help;en-us;290991&sd=tech
Check that the sql server name wasn’t added to the DNS last time you installed. If so remove it and try again (unless there already is another server with that name of course)