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Want two matrices on same page

Hi I’ve two matrices one below another. both the matrices have same dataset, same grouping structure. but different filters.
I want these two on same page. but they are appearing on different pages. I tried changing properties(like page break after, etc) for both of the matrices, but no use.
i also tried putting them inside a rectangle and setting ‘Keep Together’ property of rectangle. But that too didnt work. Also putting them inside list was of no use. they keep appearing on diferent pages. Also i want to hide the column group headers of second matrix. when i set the hidden property of column group, the values are not coming but the blank space is getting displayed. Is there any way so i can hide the column header section itself. Actually, i want data to appear as if part of same matrix. thanks

YOu can drop any tool into a another. I don’t know how this would work for you, but you caould put a Matrix in one of the fields of your existing Matrix. Jack Corbett, DBA
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If u include one matrix into another, then u can not render that report in excel format. Excel will give the error.
Anyway, i’ve found the work-around for this problem. i increased the page length to maximum(ie 85 in). It worked for most of the reports but still some reports are exceeding this limit and appearing on the second page. Thanks for the reply