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weired problem

I have a DTS job where in it transfers data from an excel file to sql server table, then that file will be archived to a different folder. I have a setup a .bat file to move the processed files to another folder, when i run the DTS task on whole I see the .bat file ran successfully, but the file is not moved to another folder. when i run the .bat file seperately, i mean out side of DTS task then the file is moved. I cudnt find what the problem is, pls help. Thanks!
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I am getting the following error, what does it mean. "CreateProcessTask ‘DTS Task_DTSCreateProcessTask_2’: Process return code 1, which does not match the specified SuccessReturnCOde of 0." When i change the return code to 1, i dont get the error but when i check in, the process is not ran. Thanks!
"He laughs best who laughs last"