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What is best way to pass global values

Hi, Background: We have a daily job that we run via Enterprise Manager. Each step in the job runs a separate DTS package. We’d like to pass in a directory name and some other "global" parameters into each of these DTS packages but cannot figure out a good way to do this. I have tried a simple example using a .INI file and a Dynamic Properties Task – but I was wondering if there was even a simpler way to set global variables that would be available to each of the DTS packages and even to .BAT files. Thank you.
How about putting them in some table in the database and reading from there? Gaurav
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OK, thanks. I will look into that — but (I know I’m being stubborn) I was still wondering if there is some way to set global variables like I used to do in old .bat files in DOS and then have the DTS packages access these variables. Thanks again.