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when the node name is created?

Hi All
i want to know when the node name of SQL Server clustering is created? especially for active/active cluster? there are two node names on the list when intalling active/active clustering. i guess windows admin creates them. when or how are they created? anyone has this information? thanks,
A node in MSCS is the physical machine, the name you see for the ‘node’ is the physical machine name. So, it’s created when the admin builds and installs the box/os initially.
thanks for your reply. i know the name for node 1. how about the second node? it should be machine_namesecond-instance_name on active/active clustering, right?
I think you might be confusing "Node" with "Instance"… In an active/active cluster you have a default instance (what you’re referring to as node1) and a secondary "named" instance (what you’re referring to as node2). Yes, you are correct in that your second instance needs to be Machine_Namesecond-instance name, but your terms are off a bit. Generally a node is considered to be one of the physical machines that form a cluster. The SQL Server on a cluster is referred to as a "Cluster Resource" and represented by the cluster as a Virtual Name/IP address. I generally refer to a two node cluster as such: MachineA = Node 1
MachineB = Node 2 ClusterName (CL_Foo) = Cluster VIP (virtual interface). This is the cluster service interface and represents the cluster itself. SQLServer (CL_SQLFoo) = SQL Server VIP (virtual interface). This is the SQL service the applications connect to for db access and represents itself as a resource of the cluster..
thanks, Haywood yes, i’m still confused with how the second node on active/active cluster comes from. i did active/passive clustering. it’s exactly like what you said. MachineA = Node 1
MachineB = Node 2 i read the book for active/active clustering. it says on "Cluster Definiction screen" that "you will need to specify which nodes SQL Server will be installed on".
http://www.sqlservercentral.com/columnists/bknight/stepbystepclustering_3.asp?Tab=3 ) so i want to know the second node name on active/active clustering (only one physical machine exists on active/active clustering) comes from? by the way, have you installed the active/active clustering? i really appreciated with your reply. thanks again, –Long
You have two physical servers. Their names are the node names. You need to select both when installing instances, doesn’t matter if its active/active or active/passive. There is no use selecting only one.