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Where do you put a share?

Windows Server 2003.
2 node Cluster single instance of SQL Server 2K sp3a.
1 SAN. Cluster groups are:
– Cluster group with its own default resources.
– Oracle group with its own resources.
– SQL Server group with its own resources (Server,services,disks,ip address….)
Disk v: is for SQL Server databases
Disk w: is for SQL Server logs
Disk x: is for SQL Server backups. SO now I have to create a shared folder where the clients need to connect in order to launch the program (executable file *.exe) and maybe tomorrow I will also need to create others shared folders where to put others executable.
1)Is it correct to create theses shared folders in the SQL Server group?
2) In wich one of the tree disks?
3) If I have 20 differents programs with differents security will I end up in having a SQL Server group with 20 different resources (file shares)?
Please advise.
Kind regards.
Franco Franco
You need to put these programs on other shares. They do not belong on the SQL Server disks. Also, as an fyi, most SANs don’t act nicely when you have multiple hosts accessing the same LUNs. MeanOldDBA
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What do you mean with "other shares"?
You maybe mean that I need to have another disk and I need to put theses shares on that disk?
What about dependencies?
Microsoft says that you have to set up dependencies on network name, in my case the virtual SQL Server name and the disk, in my case I was asking wich one of the tree I have. Can you please explain a little bit more?
Thank you. Franco
We have made in a company policy to not mix file shares with SQL Server data stored on a cluster. This has to do with performance, ease of administration, and to help maximize up time of the SQL Server. But, if you have no choice, you can create file shares, and use the same shared array where SQL Server data is stored. If you have to do this, I would probably use different resource groups, and if possible, different logical drives, although neither of these is absolutely necessary. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Thank you for your answer.
The problem now is this:
I have 2 file share cluster resources (normal share A and B) in one cluster group.
Now I realize that I need to create many other share on the cluster and so I have created a new file share resource (C) for all the users.
This resource is defined as "share subdirectories" and not as a "normal share" and it is not visible by users because I put a $ sign at the end of the name.
I would like to have this and only this file share in the group.
I would like to delete, from cluster administrator, the first 2 share (normal share A and B) and put them under the C share.
Is it possible and how can I achieve this?
Please advise. Franco
I have not done this before, so I can’t offer you specific advice. If possible, experiment and see what happens. I don’t think trying this will cause you any problems. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP