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Why do fields move when others are hidden?

I have several text fields populated by parameters in header. One text box is the mailing address. I want this to appear on the first page only and be hidden on the remaining pages. I am using the expression: =IIF( Globals!PageNumber = 1, False, True) in the hidden property and it is working correctly. However, on the 2nd page when the address field is hidden, all the fields to the right of this field move way to the left. Why do they move and how can I keep them at their designated location? For all the fields in the header, the can shrink and can grow properties are False. Thanks for your help.
I had this problem too..thus, i used sub report as a temporary solution
I also found a work-around. I created a text field with some text and made the text white to act as a ‘place holder’. This works, but I would still like to know why it happens and if there is a more graceful solution.