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WHY ? I can’t connect to analysis server!

I use the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services’s analysis server to create a database whose datasource contains a big table(10,000,000 records,maybe 430M). In the process of "process database",the analysis server goes slowly and slowly,and at last has no respond.So I have to end the task using task manager,but after that I CAN’T connet to the analysis server again! Who can tell me what is the problem? My environment is windows2000 professional(English)+Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (enterprise). Thanks a lot!
What version of service pack you have on the box both for AS and SQL.
They are both sp3 for AS and SQL.<br /><br />After I restart the OS ,it works again.<br />But the problem appears again : the machine runs slowly and slowly[<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-6.gif’ alt=’:(‘ />] <br /><br />Is there any advice?<br /><br />Thank you!
You can run few tests to check whether AS is configured properly for warehouse. Load few rows in dummy dimenson table i.e. the replica of original dimension and then process the AS DB to check how much time does it take. You can also try installing SP4 for AS.