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WIll log shipping gracefully recover from restart?

Greetings, I have configured log shipping using SQL Server 2000 SP4 running on Windows Server 2003. My question concerns rebooting the members of the pair. If I reboot either member of the pair will SQL Server recover gracefully, figure out where it is and proceed accordingly or will the log shipping then be broken. For example, if the primary is down for maintenance at a time when the transaction log is scheduled to be backed up will SQL Server be aware that it missed a backup and recover correctly? By the same token if the standby server is down for maintenance and thus the primary is unable to connect to it will it fail or will it keep trying until the standby is back and not lose anything? I have been unable to find any information on how this works. Thanks.

It will recover fine with restarting either server. Whilst backups maybe scheduled to run every x mins it doesn’t matter if one is missed. The standby server will just try to restore the next backup that happens (each file has a time stamp in the filename). Like wise for the standby server. Obviously avoid stopping SQL during a backup or restore – it should recover fine, but it’s nicer for it to be graceful. Simon
There is a long winded explanation in books online in this regard (database recovery):
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