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Win 2003 Cluster on VMWARE

I am trying to setup a sql server 2000 (got sp3) cluster on windows 2003 ent. edition running on VMware. Host pc run XP PRO, guest win 2003 ent.
I did setup Clustering on both machines, and seems to work. When i install sql server on node 1 it asks for "Cluster disk selection" .. "select the cluster disk where data files will be placed", but there isn’t any disk listed, so i can’t go ahead.
My questions are:
– is there anything i am missing on how to create a cluster disk?
– is it possible to run a cluster on top of vmware machines instead of phisical servers?
– at this point I am trying to understand where data files will go… i mean, there will be one data file shared among the 2 sql nodes or each node has it’s own data file? about backup? I have read lots of documentation but i am a bit confused. Any help is appreciated. thank you. –korfut
First off, it is certainly possible to run a cluster on VMWare. Your setup seems fine. How many cluster disks do you have? You should have 1 disk in the cluster resource group (the quorum disk) and at least 1 in the sql resource group. This is where your data files will be placed. Both nodes will use this disk, but only one at a time.
VMware have documentation describing how to install Microsoft Cluster. You need to set a special disk setting etc (direkt mapping). You should be able to find it at
Hi and thank you for your help,
I have the same config on both node: 2 scsi (vmware scsi) on each server, C: and F: (F is 500MB).
I don’t know what is a cluster disk, that is one of the doubt I have… is it F???
How do i see/create cluster disks? I understand I sure need an additional hard drive, will create a 4 GB disk, G:. How do I share the same disk across the 2 server? a network share?? Help appreciated. Thank you. regards –korfut
You can find more info about clustering here:<br /<a target="_blank" href=></a><br /><br />You will need a minimum of 2 disks in the cluster. You should already have configured one of them for the cluster service itself, the one named quorum (Q<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />. This one is in it’s own cluster group.<br /><br />Then you should have one group in the cluster for SQL Server. Here you should have 1 or more disks that you want to use for SQL data, logs and maybe backup. During installation you select your data disk that is located here.<br /><br />