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Writing out data to a specific server location

Guys, I created a simple DTS package (which will later be incorporated into a larger DTS package) with 2 connections: 1 Database Server and 1 Text File Destination, with a transformation task between them. All I want to do is output the data from a table in the database server to a text file. This DTS Package lives on a remote server. When I execute it on my machine (this remote server is registered on my machine), it works, but it outputs a file to my local machine’s C: drive. I later need to insert the data from this text file into the table on another server, so I need to have it on that server, I believe. Is there a way to control where the output is sent to? Thanks a lot
In that case store the package on the destination server and schedule it to run as an SQLAgent job so the file will be created on that destination server. When you run the package from your system, in that case again the output file will be created on your system itself. However if it runs as scheduled job the output will be created on the same server where it is scheduled. hope this helps you. Girish Patil
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I think that will solve it. Thanks a lot for the advice!