Install Windows 2000 Cluster Services: Installing the Windows 2000 Cluster Service: Node 1

Now click “Next,” and the following screen appears:

20) Now you must tell the Cluster Service Configuration Wizard the IP address that is to be used as the virtual cluster IP address, which is the IP address used by clients to connect to the cluster. You must also specify the appropriate subnet mask.

Next to “Network,” you must select the name of the public network, which in our case, is “Public Network,” which is the network to be used by clients to access the cluster.

When you are done, click “Next,” and this screen appears:

21) The primary node has now been configured and you are ready to finish this task. Click on “Finish,” then after a few more seconds of activity on the screen, the Cluster Service will start automatically, testing to see if it can start. If it can, then this screen appears:

After you click “OK,” and a few seconds longer, this screen appears:

22) Now click “Finish,” and you are done installing Cluster Service on the primary node.

To see if Cluster Service is running successfully, start the Cluster Administrator to see if the cluster resources are online. You can also check the Event Viewer for any potential problems that arose during the installation.

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