Essential SQL Server 2000

Essential SQL Server 2000
by Buck Woody
Copyright 2002

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When a new release of SQL Server comes out, there are many books rushed to publication so that they are released at the same time the new version of SQL Server is released. Unfortunately, this “book rush” often leads to poor quality books. But if you wait some time after a  new version of SQL Server comes out, then the books you find tend to be of a little better quality. This is the case with Essential SQL Server 2000.

This is an introductory book on the basics of SQL Server 2000 administration, and provides a survey of all the key areas. It includes these topics:

  • Installing/Upgrading SQL Server 2000

  • Tools

  • Accessing Data

  • Importing and Exporting Data

  • Automation Using the SQL Server Agent

  • Maintenance

  • Backing Up and Restoring

  • Monitoring and Optimization

  • Security

  • Replication

  • Analysis Services Using OLAP

  • Extensible Markup Language

  • English Query

  • Working with Instances

One feature I really like about this book is that many of the common DBA activities are explained three ways. First, the task is explained using Enterprise Manager. Second, the task is explained using command line options, such as using stored procedures. And third, many practical, real-world examples are provided. This is much better than what many SQL Server intro books do, which either tend to mix Enterprise Manager and command line options (which is confusing for beginners), or ignoring command line options altogether.

The book does have a beginning chapter on performance tuning, although it is not very extensive. But I would not really expect a comprehensive discussion of SQL Server performance tuning in a beginner’s book such as this one.

I recommend this book for people new to SQL Server 2000 and who want to learn the basics of how to administer SQL Server 2000.


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