SQL Server Upgrade Recommendations and Best Practices Part 1: Upgrade Overview and Project Planning

Business Justification – SQL Server 2000 Upgrade

For those companies that have not migrated existing servers to SQL Server 2000, the rewards certainly outweigh the effort. The level of effort may be moderate to high, but the overall platform stability and feature rich capabilities of SQL Server 2000 are unprecedented. As a DBA, your ultimate responsibility is to ensure your systems are available to support the business needs to include the proper platform to efficiently and accurately process the transactions in a cost effective manner. Below outlines the Business Justification to leverage SQL Server 2000.

Business Justification



Supporting Information


Total Cost of Ownership3

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) lower than any other DBMS in the market


System Performance3

  • Unprecedented System Performance for both OLTP and OLAP environments

  • Improved ability to scale up and out by leveraging expanded hardware resources
    • As much as 64 GB of Memory and 32 Processors


Microsoft Support

  • As SQL Server 6.5 ages, Microsoft is providing less support for the product and will eventually have few Support Engineers available to address critical needs

  • Currently, if you have a business critical issue with SQL Server 6.5, the typical Microsoft Support recommendation is to ‘Upgrade to SQL Server 2000’


Regulated Industry Requirements

  • Upgrading to SQL Server 2000 becomes especially important for companies in regulated industries that may require a several year data retention period

  • Relying on SQL Server 6.5 for the short term may not be an issue because staff is familiar with the technology


DBA Support

  • In five years, finding individuals to administer SQL Server 6.5 will be difficult and not attractive to DBAs who are typically interested in the latest and greatest technologies


Level of Automation

  • The level of automation from the SQL Server tool set

    • Enterprise Manager
    • Query Analyzer
    • Profiler
    • Data Transformation Services (DTS)


New Capabilities2

  • Analysis Services
  • DTS
  • XML Integration
  • Optimizer Enhancements
  • Functions
  • DBCC’s
  • Log Shipping
  • New Replication Models
  • Full Text Indexing
  • Database Recovery Models
  • Linked Servers


Third Party Products


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