SQL 2000 to SQL 2005: Where Have All the Old Features Gone?

Time of Creation of Stored Procedures

For some reason the time part of the Create Date column in the Summary tab of SQL 2005 is depreciated. Why? I guess someone thought DBAs didn’t need it any longer (I’m rolling my eyes). The good news is you can still get this information by querying the sysobjects table:

Select crdate as DateCreated
From dbo.sysobjects where name = ‘your_proc_name’


I’ve showed you here how to get by with available SQL 2005 Tools until you upgrade your servers to SQL 2005 Server edition. People get used to their favorite ways to get the job done, and sometimes are “surprised” when their tools are taken away. All of sudden they have to hammer the nail with the handle of a screwdriver. I hope that the ways to attain old functionality will increase productivity, and that the tools will continue to improve.

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