ASP.NET and SQL Server Performance Tips

While such components, as the DataGrid, speed up development, they often reduce the performance of your web-based application. For example, it is much more efficient for you to manually format data retrieved from a SQL Server database using the appropriate HTML code than it is to use a DataGrid component to format and display the data for you on a web page. [7.0, 2000, 2005] Updated 5-16-2005


For best performance, always take advantage of early binding, not late binding. Early binding is faster because the CLR (Common Language Runtime) has to do more work for late bound objects. [2000, 2005] Updated 5-16-2005


Often, the performance of index access in a loop is faster than using a collection. This is because the CLR (Common Language Runtime) is sometimes able to optimize array indexes, but the same is not true for collections. [2000, 2005] Updated 5-16-2005

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