Data Modeling Theory and Practice

Discussions about the discipline of data modelling can often lead to a heated debate. The argument often involves a theorist on one side and the practitioner on the other.  Often neither can be persuaded to see the other side’s point of view.

Some of the questions that arise out of these debates are “where should sticking to the mere theory end and where should the pragmatic customisation begin” and “how much theory does a good model need” or “How much common sense can a model tolerate and still stand a theorists test”.

Graeme Simsion has written a remarkable book entitled “Data Modeling Theory and Practice” that succeeds in examining both theory and its practice in a critical fashion without taking sides. This book is a dissertation on the scientific level and as a result is not a book aimed at beginners.

This book is highly recommended reading for anyone wanting to look beyond the data modelling debate and learn from both theory and practice.


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