Execute SQL and Bulk Insert Tasks in SSIS

The below
graphic shows the “BulkInsertData.txt” file which will be loaded into SQL
Server using the Bulk Insert Task.

4.   Right click the Connection Managers window and select New Flat
File Connections… from the popup window. This will open up Flat File Connection
Manager Editor window as shown in the snippet below. Enter the comma separated
flat file location and select the settings as shown in the snippet below.

5.   Click on the Preview Page to see how the data will look like once
it is loaded into the SQL Server Table using the Bulk Insert Task. Click OK apply
the changes made in Flat File Connection Manager Editor.

6.   Drag and drop “Bulk Insert Task” from the toolbox to the
Control Flow window and rename it “Load Data into Employee Table Using Bulk Insert

7.   Double click the Bulk Insert Task to open up the editor window and
set the properties in Connection page as shown in the snippet below.


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