Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery

Database server can (and will) fail just like any other electronic device. Therefore it would be grossly negligent not to plan ahead how to deal with such a situation. How the resulting plan looks like, differs on a case by case basis, but at a bare minimum should the databases that are hosted on the server be backed up regularly. Any further measure taken depends on the needs of the users. And this can range from the requirement to continue operating the database on a different server when the main one fails. This could also mean to continue operations on a different database server attached to a separated storage system in case the main server and its storage system fails. The possible wishes if the users are only limited by the available budget.

Fact is, that all the above mentioned scenarios can be realized using technologies and tools that already ship with SQL Server. One only has to know how.

The book at hand can help you with this realisation. The author starts off by explaining what disaster recovery is and why it is worth bothering with it. Then he continues with the absolute basics such as backup and restore and “more advanced” topics like database mirroring and database snapshots. He closes the book with a dedicated chapter about “realistical” disaster recovery planning. And it is exactly this chapter that demonstrates the authors vast experience in this area.

Disaster Recovery is possibly not that area with which one can shape himself. It is no rocket-science but rather rock-solid craftmanship and the knowledge about it is conveyed by this book.

Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery
368 pages (Hardcover)
Apress (March 2008)
ISBN-10: 1590599675
ISBN-13: 978-1590599679


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