Running SQL Server Jobs using a Proxy Account

6) As ‘testlogin’ has sufficient privileges, we can
consider creating the proxy. As the requirement is to run a SQL Server job
which is of type ‘SQL Server Integration Services Package’, we need to create
the proxy account under the ‘SSIS Package Execution’ subsystem folder as shown

In the next window, enter appropriate proxy account name and
map it to the credential which was created in step (4). Check the appropriate
subsystem checkbox. In this case, it is SQL Server Integration Services Package.

In the ‘Principals’ option, select the ‘testlogin
SQL login which was created in step (2).

7) This is an important step. Here, we need to assign the
job step to run under the new proxy account created. For this, we need to go
back to the job step as in step (5) and change this job step to run using the ‘testloginproxy

8) Finally test the proxy has been setup up correctly by connecting
to the SQL Server instance using the ‘testlogin’ sql login. Go to the maintenance
plan job ‘Maintenancetest.Subplan_1’ under SQL Server Agent and start
the job. The  job should succeed using the credentials and proxy account which
we created earlier.

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