LepideAuditor for SQL Server Review

Product: LepideAuditor for SQL Server

Publisher: Lepide Software Pvt Ltd.


Pricing is based on Per Server. Single
server license fee is $ 499. Support and Upgrades are free as long as
subscription is valid. They offer Educational, Government and Non-profit


LepideAuditor is an auditing tool for Auditing
in SQL Server. Though there are in built auditing options in SQL Server, this
tool provides additional options for DBAs.

Installation & configuration

This tool has a simple installation. After
installing you need to configure what are the SQL Server instances you are
auditing. After setting those few objects will be created in the SQL Server
Instance. Firstly, it will create a database name called LepideSQLTracker in
the instance. Since this is taking the recovery model of model database, you
need to create additional log backup options so that log of this database is
not growing rapidly. If not, you need to change the recovery model of this
database to Simple.

SQL Server Agent jobs will be added to the
server to populate data to the SQLTracker database.

are two types of configurations, Server and Database configurations.

However, database object configuration is
for the all the databases hence you don’t have an option of setting
configuration for separate databases.

However, vendor informed that this will be
added to the next version of this tool.


There three main features with
LepideAuditor for SQL Server.

Change Analysis

Scheduled Reports

Realtime Alerts

Change Analysis

Change analysis is the main feature of this
tool. Users have the option of analyzing the changes server wise and the
database as well.

So you will get the details of , what was
the object changed and type of change, when it was changed, who changed from
which application and the relevant t-sql statement.

There are limited filtering options such as
Duration (Last 24 hrs, Last 7 Days, Last 15 Days, Last 30 Days and Date Range)
, Object Type , Operation Type. User and application are the most important
parameters missing for the filtering.

Also, there is an option to save the report
in different formats such as CSV, HTML and PDF.

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports are wizard driven so that
users can configure them easily.

First you will be asked to select an
operation from following list.

Depending on the selection whether it is
server objects or database objects, user will be asked to select types of

Then the scheduling can be done as shown

Though this does not have option you have
in the SQL Server Agent scheduling, but this may be just enough.

In the reporting option you only have a
mailing option. There is no option to create a report to a folder. Also, in the
SMTP configuration you have to have a user name and password. However, there
are two other SMTP options, anonymous and windows authentications are missing.

Real Time Alerts

Since reports are scheduled tasks, there is
another feature where it delivers alerts as and when event occurs. It is
similar to reports and you will get the all the pros and cons of reports in the
real time alerts as well.

This is a major feature with this auditing
tool, since most of the auditing tool only provides simple auditing.

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Review Summary






Simple and Standard installation



No configuration available for each database wise

Product Stability


Had no issues



Feature Set


Apart from the few configuration options (which
vender confirms that those will be available in future versions) , most of
the valuable features exists.


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