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Create and Manage SQL Server Stored Procedures using Transact-SQL

As we learn more about SQL Server and Transact-SQL, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. I can recall hundreds of times when I have said, “I know there is a (stored proc, DBCC command, SQL statement, etc.) out there that does that, I just can’t remember its name.” […]

Who Needs SQL Server Change Management?

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on that cool technology; clustering, redundant controllers, redundant disks, redundant power supplies, redundant NIC cards, multiple network drops, fancy tape backup devices, and the latest and greatest tape technology. You’re all set. There’s no way your going to have downtime. But one day something does go wrong, is it the […]

Using One-Way Functions to Protect Sensitive Information in SQL Server Databases

Many DBAs know that their job is no longer simply a matter of delivering the right answers in the shortest amount of time. If the databases hold sensitive information like Social Security numbers, prescription records, medical files, or banking records, new laws can make it a crime to deliver the right answer to the wrong […]

An Exclusive Interview with Author Fernando Guerrero On How to Get the Most of ADO.NET and SQL Server

Fernando Guerrero, SQL Server MVP (Most Valuable Professional), is the author of the Que book, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Programming, and is currently writing a book on ADO.NET and SQL Server for Apress. He is the Principal Technologist and SQL Server Product Consultant for QA, which is the leading IT training company in the U.K. […]

Useful Undocumented SQL Server Extended Stored Procedures

An extended stored procedure (xp) is a dynamic link library that runs directly in the address space of SQL Server and is programmed using the SQL Server Open Data Services API. You can run extended stored procedures from the Query Analyzer, for example, just as you would normal stored procedures. Extended stored procedures are used […]

SQL Server TSQL Coding Conventions, Best Practices, and Programming Guidelines

Databases are the heart and soul of many enterprise applications, and it is very essential to pay special attention to database programming. I’ve seen in many occasions where database programming is overlooked, thinking that it’s something easy that be done by anyone. This is wrong.For a better performing database you need a real DBA and […]