SQL Server Performance Tuning

SQL Server Monitoring in 8 Steps: Lessons From the Field

“To count is to know.” SQL Server database systems are more than ever before being chosen as the preferred backend database solution for large business’s critical systems. And SQL Server richly deserves this status. As a result of this, more users than ever before are blocked in their daily activity when the database is not […]

10 Baselining Tips for SQL Server: Lessons From the Field

“A known value against which later measurements can be compared” is one of many definitions for SQL Server baselining. In this article I want to share my findings with you on this subject. This document is the first in a series of four where I want to cover subjects as baselining (this article), monitoring, stress […]

How to Optimize the Use of the “OR” Clause When Used with Parameters

Have you ever tried to use parameter validation within a SQL Server stored procedure using an OR clause? At times, it can cause performance problems. I found this recently when I was asked to fine tune a stored procedure. The procedure had two parameters, and either of them could be optional. The developer who wrote […]

What the IT Decision-Maker Needs to Know About SQL Server Performance Tuning

This article is written for someone with a working knowledge of information technology, but with little specific SQL Server expertise. The typical reader would be an IT manager or executive who needs background information to properly evaluate all the performance tuning suggestions being offered to him/her before spending significant amounts of money on performance tuning. […]

Comparing the SQL Server 2000 Index Tuning Wizard and the SQL Server 2005 Database Tuning Adviser

Among the regular tasks of any DBA, there’s one thing that we all must find time for: research. In my case, I concentrate my investigation into new tools that streamline the tasks that I already do.With that idea in mind, I started taking a close look at the SQL 2005 Beta, wondering: could tools like […]

A Practical Path Towards the Ultimate Microsoft SQL Server Scalability and Availability

It has become a moot point for database vendors to compete for the highest transaction processing capability in the world. Modern database systems have become so well programmed; even the cheapest system can claim very high performance, given the hardware. The next challenge is high availability. It is interesting to observe that database vendors are […]

Comparcion Entre Index Tuning Wizard 2000 y Database Tuning Advisor 2005 Beta

Introducción A las tareas habituales de cualquier DBA, existe una que nos debe ocupar nuestro poco tiempo libre: Investigar. En mi caso, la investigación la concentro en nuevas herramientas que faciliten nuestro trabajo o, mejor aún, que los resultados obtenidos puedan ser aplicados con el objetivo de mejorar cualquiera de las actividades que involucran la […]

How to Best Implement a SQL Server Performance Audit

Return to Previous Article in the Series The Final Word on How to Perform a SQL Server Performance Audit If you have gotten this far, you have done a lot of reading. In this final article on how to perform a SQL Server Audit, we will take a look at some best practices about how […]

How SQL Server Determines an Execution Plan Using Available Indexes and Statistics

As a SQL Server DBA, one of my tasks is to monitor the performance of our databases. Our primary database holds the data of over 18 million people. A web-based application queries the database with a variety of search options. When examining the performance of these queries, most performed very well. But on the other […]

Automating Reindexing In SQL Server

In all OLTP environments, virtually all indexes will become fragmented over time. Nearly all UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE activity will cause your indexes to become less well organized than they were when they were first created. There will be more page splits, there will be a greater number of pages with less data on them, […]