SQL Server Books

Murach’s PHP and MySQL

Two of the most prominent projects in the Open Source world are without a doubt PHP and MySQL. This combination brings dynamic life to countless websites and even the author of this review is quite familiar with both of them. However, just like with any other programming language and database one can write good applications, […]

Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views

Since SQL Server 2005, dynamic management views and functions have complemented, extended, and replaced the options by which DBAs and developers could get insights into the internal workings of SQL Server. However, these Dynamic Management Objects (DMO) seem not to be as widely adopted as one would expect after almost six years ago. It’s well […]

Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery

Database server can (and will) fail just like any other electronic device. Therefore it would be grossly negligent not to plan ahead how to deal with such a situation. How the resulting plan looks like, differs on a case by case basis, but at a bare minimum should the databases that are hosted on the […]

Beginning Spatial with SQL Server 2008

One of the most interesting new features in SQL Server 2008 is the support for spatial data. This gives developers whole new opportunities to implement geo-sensitive aspects of application at the database level. But every beginning is difficult and it is hard to find good advise. Fortunately Alastair Aitchinson has written the book at hand. […]

Pro Full-Text Search in SQL Server 2008

Full-Text Search is one of those “extensions” in SQL Server that can give great results, if used correctly and wisely. But, just as quick, can working with Full-Text Search end up in frustration, when the results are not as expected. How to work against this frustration-factor or even avoif it altogether learns the readers in […]

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 T-SQL Fundamentals

The title says it all. This book is about the fundamentals of T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server’s SQL dialect. For advanced stuff the author refers to his other outstanding books “T-SQL Programming” & “T-SQL Querying”. But although the fundamentals are discussed, this book is also recommendable for advanced users as reference. Unlike many other books about […]

Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying

There is only one author that I would blindly recommend to anyone serious about Transact-SQL and that author is Itzik Ben-Gan. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice, or consider yourself either advanced or even expert, there is always something new and something to learn from him. Itzik has an outstanding talent to explain […]

Murachs JavaScript and DOM Scripting

If you develop web-applications, then JavaScript is one of the languages that you need to know. No matter, if you develop these web-applications using ASP.Net or some other language. JavaScript is an integral component to modify web pages via DOM, validate forms, etc… Even one of the currently hottest web technology uses JavaScript: AJAX. These […]

SQL and Relational Theory: How to Write Accurate SQL Code

“SQL and Relational Theory: How to Write Accurate SQL Code” by C.J. Date is the successor and replacement to “Database in Depth”. The content is   partially rewritten and greatly extended, so that now this book is even more a book about “relational theory for practitioners” than its predecessor was and therefore has all requisites to […]

SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled

One had to wait for a long time for an update on this book. Since the SQL Server 2000 edition is was rather quiet. There was no version for SQL Server 2005, but now finally there is the long overdue update for SQL Server 2008 on the market. On more than 600 pages the readers gains […]