SQL Server Configuration

Tips for Using SQL Server 2000 64-Bit

SQL Server 2000 64-Bit Enterprise Edition allows SQL Server to take advantage of the 64-bit address space provided by the Intel Itanium 64-Bit CPU and Windows Server 2003 64-Bit Edition. You must have all three components–SQL Server 2000 64-Bit Enterprise Edition, Windows Server 2003, and Itanium CPUs–to make this all work. SQL Server 2000 64-Bit […]

Performance Tuning SQL Server CE

In most ways, tuning SQL Server CE is very similar to tuning regular SQL Server programs. For example, the proper use of indexing is critical to the performance of SQL Server CE.The biggest constraint you will have is a lack of memory on the CE-based computer. Because of the limited amount of RAM available on […]