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Analyzing data import slow down after reboot.

Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by ggeller, May 20, 2011.

  1. ggeller New Member

    Hello, We have two 2000 Sql Servers, one running on MS server 2000 and the other on MS Server 2003. They are also separate virtual machines via parallels. The server that is having the slow down is Server 1 and the other Server 2. We recently expanded the virtual hard drive on Server 2. This required us to shutdown parallels which means shutting down both Server1 and Server2. After the expansion and reboot Server 1 is taking twice as long (3 hours, now 6 hours) to execute some jobs as before. The jobs all consist of bringing data over the network and basically importing. There are some extra statement to create indexes and such. We do some server to server imports and some export to text file and then import from text file. This is all done via DTS.It seems to coincidental to not have to do with the reboot. I'm not sure if some configuration got changed or what. Basically I'm stuck in the position of having to figure what changed but I really don't have any previous settings to compare to. The only data I have is the execution times of the DTSs.I'm hoping I can run some performance monitoring either on the OS or Sql Server and see what is being maxed out or bogged down. I know the server could be bulked up, but that doesn't explain why it's suddenly bogging down to this level. It seems that when jobs run individually they are fine, so it probably means either the network, memory or processor gets overwhelmed when multiple jobs are running.So I guess my question is what should I monitor to see what parts of the server are being overwhelmed? What are some thresholds? If anyone needs more info please let me know.Thanks,Gunner
  2. Jahanzaib Member

    check and update the storage controller driver
  3. satya Moderator

    Did you see the new storage disk that has been added to Virtual storage is presented/initialized correctly?
    Do you see any errors or warnings on event viewer of the server?

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