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    Yesterday I tried to copy a backup to my local computer and I got very low speed. Lately the ppl have complained that response time on this particularly server has increases. I started to compare 2 different dedicated computers. The wait for slow computer is

    Sleep 40%, Clr 40%, Network IO 17% ...
    Numbers of waits = 5901438
    Wait Time (sec) = 1318660.593
    %Wait Time = 100.00%
    Max Wait Time (ms) = 39968
    Avg Wait Time (ms) = 223

    For normal database computer vi have the following values.Sleep 60%, Other 34%, Buffert IO 0.14%,
    Network IO 0.11%ASYNC_NETWORK_IO
    Numbers of waits = 1762733
    Wait Time (sec) = 2633.86
    %Wait Time = 100.00%
    Max Wait Time (ms) = 210
    Avg Wait Time (ms) = 1.5

    I tried to pathping the server had no lost packets. I’m definit no network type. Started to look at the sp_configure network packet size (B) = 512.Well are any tutorials how to setup and monitor the network. Shall change that packet size? When I check at network in Task Manager I have 2GB team line not more than 0.05% use.
    Where do I start?
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    Do you see any blocking during this operation?
    Also try to capture CPU & Physical disk related counters using SYSMON during this operation.
  4. jn4u Member

    We foundout after some time that it was a fiber -> network-switch -> fiber wasmail functioning. Network type change it and we restated the sql-server and afterthat we have normal response time of 1.5 ms in avg.
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    Appreciate your feedback, that helps even for me to keep that in mind ....[Y].

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