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Discussion in 'Please Tell Us What You Think' started by satya.sqldba, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. satya.sqldba New Member

    Just curious to know. The Avatar option gave me a message saying that it might take upto 10 mins for the changes to take effect after I uploaded one. But it has been much longer than that and still it doesn't show up. Is it supposed to take longer than that typically?
  2. Luis Martin Moderator

    I try to change my avatar to other one and have the same problem.
    We have to wait for Admin.
  3. satya.sqldba New Member

    BTW, what does remote avatar mean?
  4. Luis Martin Moderator

    To not show you avatar (in my case Da Vinci).
  5. admin Guest

    It is normally a lot quicker than 10 minutes. Did you click the 'Update' button beside the Browse button once you had set the path?
  6. FrankKalis Moderator

    I changed my avatar quite a lot before sticking to this one. I made the experience that it really takes longer than 10 minutes. What I do is disable avatar, then save, the re-enable and upload the new one and save. Still this is not always reliable, but many times it works. To me it seems as if sometimes the old file is not overwritten by the new one. Another reason might also be the site might cache content from faster delivery. Dunno.
  7. satya.sqldba New Member

    It did work for me.
    I had to hit the save button too after the Update button. Then it was instantaneous. So only update might not work. The Save button is the missing link here.
  8. satya Moderator

    Server caching in CS is instant though the informational message you get says it take x minutes to update, also this is dependant on your browser & ISP cache. As simple is to see press Ctrl + F5 to update instantly.
    I normaly can see immediate changes on my avatar or site options.
  9. MichaelB Member

    why is the avatar such poor quality after upload? anyway to get it clear? is there a optimal size of the file?
  10. satya Moderator

    Its because of pixel size setup within CS api, in this case I don't know any such changes and think about new version of CS might have some betterment.
    (hey Mike, good to see you here again).
  11. MichaelB Member

    It is good to be back. I missed it here, but been busy. still busy but.. I want to be active:)
  12. FrankKalis Moderator

    [quote user="MichaelB"]
    It is good to be back. I missed it here, but been busy. still busy but.. I want to be active:)
    It is always interesting to see the face behind a name. [:)]
  13. MichaelB Member

    as blury as it may be!

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