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Can't connect to apps

Discussion in 'ALL SQL SERVER QUESTIONS' started by mccarron, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. mccarron New Member

    Just took over our single 2008 OS/2008 sql server when we started having a major problem. Seems that every couple hours user lose connection to their SQL apps (accounting and crm) Paackages from different companies. They reboot and still can't get in. just hourglasses when they try to run the app. No error message at all not ever in event viewer. If I go into computer on the workstation I can see all their mapped drives and they are using dns off the server and can access the internet. I have to re-boot the server and then everything works ok for another couple of hours. Then we start all over again

    Any Ideas
  2. ghemant Moderator

    Did you try connecting SQL Server using SSMS from client machine? Is this working fine? Did you tried ping/tracert ?
    Please post more details so that we'll be able to help you.
  3. mccarron New Member

  4. mccarron New Member

    I did try to ping the server from the various workstations and this worked and I tried to use the mapped drives to the server and could see and use those files. Nothing seemed to be wrong except my apps would just hourglass. I tried re-booting a workstation to see if it could reconnect but this did not work. The only thing that worked so far was re-booting the server. what is the other thing you want me to try?
  5. davidfarr Member

    Who wrote/programmed these "apps?". Are they all from third party vendors or are they internal applications created/programmed by staff within the company ?
    In my experience, there is no application that will simply show an hourglass continuously for hours and hours. At some point, eventually, the application will either continue to work again or it will display an error fault of some kind to the application user. If an error displays, then what does it say ? If the application eventually continues working, then how long does it take before it continues ?

    If the source of the problem is in the client applications themselves, or the office network, then this forum is unlikely to provide answers. If the problem is in the database server then you need to first find clear evidence of that.
    In order to know if the problem is the database server, you need to connect to the server and run comparable queries on the same databases that the apps are using. You would need to connect with SQL Server Management Studio, testing locally on the server, and also from one or two remote clients, in order to compare performance. If you are able to successfully run queries within a reasonable time through the management studio both locally and remotely, then the problem is probably not the actual SQL Server service.

    Another possible reason for the sudden 'hourglass' behaviour are locked or blocked process threads. You would be able to check for this in the SQL Server Activity Monitor.

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