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Change IP Address, Host Name of SQL SERVER 2000

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 General DBA Questions' started by cj2610, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. cj2610 New Member

    <P mce_keep="true">MY company is going to change the IP address and HostName of Server where SQL 2000 is running. What is the impact to SQL 2000 Server? Will SQL2000 come back sucessfully? <IMG title=Blink src="http://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/Skins/Classic/Images/EmotIcons/Blink.gif" align=absMiddle border=0> Do I have to do anything before and after? Pls help me, Thanks a lot for your help.</P>
  2. i2lovefishing New Member

    All you need is to access the server by its new name or ip address.
  3. cj2610 New Member

    I am sorry I did not explain you my situation enough. I do not have doubt in accessing the new server with new name. My situation is this. I have stand alone server with a name RECOSRV1. MS SQL 2000 Server is running with a default instance in RECOSRV1. We are going to change the IP address and the Server Name from RECOSRV1 to RECOSRV2. After renaming the Server to the new name, will the SQL Server restart without any issues? What is the impact to SQL Server. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall SQL Server after renaming the hostname? Renaming of the hostname will affect the SQL server instace (default) running in thet host?
  4. i2lovefishing New Member

    In your case (not a sql server cluster, I assume), changing sql server's ip and/or server name does not require a re-install of SQL. It should restart without any issue.
    Depending you what you mean by "stand alone server", you MIGHT have trouble, initially, to access the SQL server via its new name from another pc. This will be due to name to ip resolution. If so, get some help from your network guy on DNS and WINS.
  5. Greg Larsen New Member

  6. satya Moderator

    IP address will not be a problem for SQL Server, it will be if you have any hard-code within the connection string on the application, as referred above use the KBA to drop & add the server once the servername is changed. Ensure the service account passwords are intact before making any changes.

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