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Clustering, SsIS and CU build updates

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Clustering' started by tfherrmann, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. tfherrmann New Member

    I am at a client site and they are having a few problems. One, they need to set
    up SSIS on a node with multiple instances. Two, they are trying to implement a hotfix on the
    clustered server without taking down the cluster. They have two instances, on this node, and only want to put it on the development instance. The upgrade is CU Build 9.00.3200. They are doing this
    because they feel it will take care of another problem they have: backup data missing from report feature.
    Three, they, also, cannot delete old backups using the scheduled job they have. Something about not seeing
    the "Include 1st level folders" option in the backup wizard. If you have any suggestions for any of these items,
    I would greatly appreciate it. Tom.
  2. MohammedU New Member

    Welcome to the forum...
    1. It is not a problem installing ssis on a server with multiple instances. You can install only SSIS per server and it is not cluster aware...
    2. On a cluster server hotfix/SP should be applied to other node when you are installing one but some times it will not so you have install again...It is better to restart the services or reboot the server after applying SP/patches.
    3. Backup file issue is fixed in SP2.

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