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Could not bulk insert because file 'C:csv ame.txt' could not be opened. Operating system error code 3(The system cannot find the path specified.).

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 General DBA Questions' started by sasivashok, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. sasivashok New Member

    I got an above error while bulk insert my text file. Whats the solution for this? First without sharing i got file does not exist. Now i gave sharing to my file.
    I got an above error. Solve my query asp.
  2. johnson_ef Member

    HI,Can you check the path mentioned? or check the write permission on the location which you have mentioned?Regards-Johnson
  3. sasivashok New Member

    yes i did. I gave permission to my system from the server. What exactly give a permission for that??
  4. arunyadav Member

    Helo Sasivashok,
    First confirm that you are specifying the UNC path and not just drive letters. Secodly, make sure that the SQL Server service account has permissions to the share.
    For doing this you can use a Domain user or, create a new local user and start the services with that account.
  5. sasivashok New Member

    yeah u r right. I checked . Now its working fine.
  6. Kandu12 New Member

    I have the same error but i cant find whats the problem, my path its ok, is D:CampañaEmtelcoTrabajoCasaCampanasEmtelcoTemporalACamp_Emtelco_Prueba_SinEspacios.csv
    Can you explain me better the "SQL Server service account has permissions to the share" part.
    Thank you any help.
  7. arunyadav Member

    Welcome to the Forums!
    If you are trying to create the file on the server running SQL Server then the path is OK. If you are trying to create the file to a remote location then the path should follow UNC (Universal Naming Convention)
    i.e. \<Server_Name or IP_ADDRESS><Shared_Folder_PATH(Name)><FILE_NAME>
    Now coming to the second part, Check the account with which SQL Server Service is running.
    (START--> RUN-->services.msc-->SQL Server) Check Logon AS. (LOCAL SYSTEM[default]). Try changing it with a domain user account (Needs REstart of SQL Server Service).
    Now, this account needs READ&Write permissions on the folder where you are creating the file. To do so,right click on the folder --> sharing and security --> permissions.
  8. satya Moderator

    If your database actions goes out of local server where SQL is installed then the Service account needs relevant permission to access such network path.

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