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Discussion in 'EditorsBlog' started by shanetasker, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. shanetasker New Member

    Business Intelligence is still often limited to only the statisticians and data analyst in an organisation. As a result, requests for end user reports often need to be satisfied by the IT team. As a result, what might seem like a simple request can often take several weeks or even longer while the report is scheduled with the existing workload. As a result, when a decision maker receives the required report the information is no longer relevant. Reporting needs to be self-service, just the way that having a tea lady on each floor in an office has been replaced with people making their own tea and coffee.
    When reporting is self-service, it allows decision makers, whether they are accountants or sales people, to start to mash-up structured and unstructured data to find further value opportunities. We have started to this concept of mashing up data with the ability for reports to be produced using GIS data even though this data is often sourced from outside the organisation. Who would have thought that companies would now be overlaying their reporting with external information such as public-transport timetables or counters on traffic signals to determine what the optimal inventory levels are? Providing flexible self-service reporting goes a long to solving the problem of data isolation. Do you allow your users to generate their own reports and combine corporate data with external sources?
    - Peter Ward
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    Having worked for a very large telecom company - I can report that the users there are happy with their reports - as long as they in Excel!!!!! YEARS ago - someone started cutting/pasting SQL Server data results into Excel spreadsheets and emailing them to many people – this formed distribution groups - and to the end users - this is now like crack, cocaine, heroin, smoking, alcohol - all rolled up into one - they cannot exist without their valuable Excel Reports!!!!I was recently on a project to automate their reporting and instead of manually (or automatically) generating Excel reports – the new reports would send the users web page-like reports – from SSRS - and allow them to drill down to information that they had no idea even existed. THEY LOVED IT!! At the original presentation - MY VERY FIRST standing ovation!!!! They were VERY excited and most wanted to get into the “test” group. But EVERY SINGLE person (even those that noticed it was the EXACT same data as in their Excel reports - PLUS more) still said the same thing – “Will I get these new reports with my Excel Reports?” ARRRRRRGGGGG!!!! You can lead a horse to water...

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