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Database Administrator (OLAP) - Vancouver, British

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    You can get more details about Teligence and the job requirements and how to apply at


    But basically, as we continue to expand there becomes a need for more DBAs with some specialities. This position came up for 2 reasons, one we need someone with a strong olap background, and because I've moved into a team lead position and we need a DBA to do what I was doing (and will do until this position is filled). The DBA tasks will be shared with 3 other DBAs. We also have a data architect and a group for information delivery, including ETL.

    The CEO of Teligence Communications, Rob Madigan, is the recent recipient of the Ernst & Young® Entrepreneur of the Year Pacific Region award for 2004.

    Here is a summary of some of the responsibilties for this position

    Create and maintain up-to-date database models and dictionaries for the OLAP stores.
    Work with Analysts and other business users to design and create efficient OLAP cubes and ProClarity pages, including MDX queries.
    Administer production and non-production OLAP data stores.
    Migrate database and data store components in releases from development to production.
    Responsible for extensive application/SQL/OLAP monitoring, troubleshooting, tuning, high-availability strategies in the 24X7 production environment,. and provide on-call 24 hour support on a rotating DBA schedule.
    Develop and implement replication, archiving and backup and recovery strategies for daily OLAP tasks and disaster recovery.
    Proactively monitor the production OLAP data stores and optimize MDX queries and ProClarity pages for better performance. Resolve locking conflicts and resource utilization.
    Establish and enforce MDX query standards and cube design standards.
    Provide ad hoc MDX extracts as required by the business.
    Assist ProClarity Report Developers and Analytics teams with MDX and other query needs.
    Provide recommendations on server architecture for OLAP SQL servers and hardware requirements and storage capacity planning for production and data warehousing servers for scalable data store growth.
    Manage and create database schemas for OLAP Database Systems (optimize index creation, MOLAP/ROLAP/HOLAP stores, cube creation, storage allocations aggregation calculations, etc.).
    Ensure all OLAP environments (Development, Staging, QA and Production) are in sync.
    Remain current with OLAP technologies.
    Facilitate controlled access to the OLAP data; secure data as necessary; plan and co-ordinate data store security measures.
    Identify and resolve users' problems.
    Collaborate in the design and development of OLAP data stores to meet new user needs and respond to/anticipate technological innovations.
    Communicate regularly with internal technical, applications, and operational staff.
    Collaborate with the Data Architect on design and requirements of Dimensional Models and Dimensional (Relational) databases that support cubes and dimensions in Analysis Services.
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    Way to go Chris, congratulations on your new position.

    Could you please get me more details about Data Architect position, and email it to me.
    (Psst: will send an email from this forum)


    Satya SKJ
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