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    I have to admit that early on in my career I was not a big fan of documentation. Like many people I would avoid at all costs what I saw as a tedious chore, instead focusing on more interesting tasks. The problem is that without documentation it is very hard to standardize a process so that it is consistently replicated every time. If you think of a franchise, the reason that the special sauce and the secret herbs and spices work is that they are the same no matter which store in the chain you visit. Franchises are built on a manual that details every component of the experience from the colour of the uniforms to the music that is played.
    As database professionals our approach should be very similar to a franchisor. We create a formula that works and then document it so that it can be consistently applied to each new SQL Server instance that we deploy. For example, if the database maintenance plans are named consistently it easily enables someone in the organisation to know what exactly the plan does as it is consistent with other servers. So do you have a special sauce that you use when you deploy a new SQL Server instance or do you try and remember the recipe?
    - Peter Ward

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