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Datasource Creation Error in MSAS 2000

Discussion in 'Analysis Services/Data Warehousing' started by sqldev, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. sqldev New Member

    Hi,In Analysis Services 2000, we are using "Oracle Provider for OLE DB" as the provider then, in the Connection tab, we are providing Data Source Name, User Name and Password, clicked Test Connection button, it gives "Test connection Succeeded" message.When we click "OK" button, it gives "Unknown" as the error message and we are unable to process Dimensions and Cubes due to this.We installed Analysis Services Service Pack 4.0, but, it did not fix this issue, plesae give some suggestions to fix the same, thank you.Regards,Deva
  2. anandchatterjee New Member

    This is something strange error.. But when your connection string is responding properly that mean oracle driver is properly installed..Now coming to MSAS. Have you created any cube and processed it before creating this one? If yes, then I think, you raising an interesting problem, if no then try to re-install MSAS once again. I think then it would be a problem with installation. Please let me know your comments.
  3. sqldev New Member

    Hi Anand,
    Thank you, when the dimension is created, data is retrieved from the underlying table and can be viewed. But, I am unable to process the dimension. The actual problem lies in Data Source creation itself, it simply says "Unknown" error, no clue what is going wrong.
    We tried uninstallaing MSAS, reinstalling it and installed SP4 for MSAS, but, nothing helped, still the problem persists.
    Any help is highly appreciated, thank you.
    Devendran R
  4. anandchatterjee New Member

    One thing is clear, when you can see the underlying data at the time of dimention creation it is not the problem with Oracle driver. Now coming to another point. What type of storage model have you selected? Another question is as I asked previously, do you have any existing cube on this server? Is it performing properly?
  5. satya Moderator

    Have you checked whether thisis the correct driver for that data source, check Oracle site for correct version or event try to use Microsoft OLEDB Provider for Oracle or .NET Oracle Client Data Provider.
    To me, the problem looks like related to the configuration of Oracle client. Also a good idea to check access permissions to Oracle database. See also if changing service account for the Analysis Server solves your problem.
  6. satya Moderator

    IMHO, you might check for relevant drivers as we have resolved such an issue after changing compatible drivers.

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