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DTS Steps Not Run

Discussion in 'SQL Server DTS-Related Questions' started by CShetler, May 28, 2004.

  1. CShetler New Member

    Created a DTS package consisting of a number of steps. Each step runs successfully individually. Set up workflow between each step with On Success specified. Run package, everything runs fine. All steps run. Looked at the package log and noticed the step names were obscure so changed the step names using Disconnected Edit. From that point on it appears only the first step will run. It says success and the rest of the steps say not run. I did lose the workflow arrows at that point as well and did re-create them. Tried changing the step names back to original ones, didn't work either. Any suggestions would appreciate. Feel free to email at cshetler@anteon.com

    Thank you!
  2. Luis Martin Moderator

    Can you submit: OS, SQL Server and SP version?
    Also, kind of job (maintenance?)

    Luis Martin

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  3. CShetler New Member

    OS - Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 8.000.760,

    The job is to load data from an Oracle database. It's a mix of SQL steps and data transformation steps.

  4. satya Moderator

  5. CShetler New Member

    I did enable package logging and it says the first step ran successfully, second step not run. Is there something else I should do? The error handling log just shows that the second step and the rest were not executed. There wasn't any indication as to why they weren't executed.
  6. satya Moderator

    Then the last resort would be to run PROFILER during this DTS package execution.

    Satya SKJ
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  7. Aviel New Member

    Try the following:

    1. remove any precedence setting, i.e., remove any workflow arrows.
    2. In Disconnected Edit, edit the Name variable of every task in the "Tasks" tree as you want.
    3. The most important step you have missed: In Disconnected Edit, edit the "Name" variable of every step in the "Steps" tree as you want AND the "TaskName" variable of every step to the name you specified for the corresopnding task in the previous step.
    4. set again your workflow arrows.

    the DTS pakage interpretates the precedence setting by the STEP name not by the TAKS. You can see this name if you right-click on a task(in data pump task - the gray arrow)--> Workflow properties -> Options. look for the "Name" which is the step name.

    This should be working.

    I generaly use the follwing naming conventions in Disconnected Edit: TASK_taskname for "Name" in Tasks and "TaskName" in Steps, STEP_stepname for "Name" in Steps.

    I hope it make any help.

    Aviel Iluz
    Database Administrator
    Pacific Micromarketing
    Melbourne Australia
  8. CShetler New Member

    Aviel - Thanks. I had specified the task name in the step. I thought you might be on to something though with the order I did things. So, I followed your steps, but still have the same issue. I did check the step name as you suggested and it looks correct. It does seem to show the description as opposed to the actual step name. Any other suggestions?

    Sayta - Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it.
  9. Aviel New Member

    If you see the description in the Name field of the step and not the actual step name it means that something is probably wrong, or you specified the name to be exactly as the decription.

    Try to choose differnet name conventions for Descriptions, step names and task names.

    To my experience, the only variables the affect this issue are Name of tasks and steps, and TaskName of step -nothing more.

    Also, after you removed your precedence arrows (step 1), save the dts and close it. Then open it again, and follow step 2 and on.

    Aviel Iluz
    Database Administrator
    Pacific Micromarketing
    Melbourne Australia
  10. CShetler New Member


    Thanks for all your suggestions. I ended up re-creating it and fixing the names as I went along before I set up the workflow. That seemed to work OK. No matter what I did couldn't seem to get the first one I created to work.


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