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dynamically determine a row or textbox

Discussion in 'SQL Server Reporting Services' started by BobJ, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. BobJ New Member

    I have a report using a list and a table. The number of rows in the details
    section of the table is determined by the number of records returned from
    the query and the report automatically adds detail rows dynamically . My
    problem is I have a page footer and I want to put in a calculation to
    compute a percentage. The calculation will divide the value of the textbox
    in a cell in a column in the last row of the detail by the value of the first cell in the column.

    If I do not know the number of rows in the detail section and the textbox
    name at any given time, is there a way to programically determie the # of
    rows in the detail and the texbox names ?

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