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free excel-like reporting tool

Discussion in 'Third Party Tools' started by Aamina, Aug 15, 2009.

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    <P mce_keep="true">RAQ Report is a pure Java web reporting tool. With Excel-like Design Interface, it makes reporting Faster, Easier and Preciser. With perfect Cross-Tab and innovative Mathematical Model, it maximizes your productivity.<BR><BR>RAQ Report is a Free and Full-featured Reporting Tool. It has such features:<BR></P><P mce_keep="true"><STRONG>1.Excel-like Interface, Easy to Learn <BR><BR><IMG alt="" src="http://www.raqsoft.com/image/RAQ_Report/Efficient/01.JPG" border=0><BR><BR>2. Publish Reports to Excel/Word/PDF<BR><BR><IMG alt="" src="http://www.raqsoft.com/image/RAQ_Report/Exporting/001.jpg" border=0><BR><BR>3.Original Data Input Method <BR><BR><IMG alt="" src="http://www.raqsoft.com/image/RAQ_Report/Data/01.JPG" border=0><BR><BR>4.Pure Html report, Only Need Browser <BR><BR>5.Unique Cross Tab and Any Type Report <BR><BR><IMG alt="" src="http://www.raqsoft.com/image/RAQ_Report/Creating/01.JPG" border=0><BR><BR><IMG alt="" src="http://www.raqsoft.com/image/RAQ_Report/Creating/02.JPG" border=0><BR><BR>6. Import Excel, Precisely Export Excel.<BR><BR>7.Easily Integrate With J2EE Application <BR><BR>8.Supports Any Popular Data Source <BR><BR>9.Featured Preformatted Paper Printing <BR><BR>10.<FONT color=blue>Totally Free for using and deployment </FONT><BR><BR>11.In Time Forum and Email Support<BR><BR></STRONG>You can download this free reporting tool at <A href="http://www.raqsoft.com/">http://www.raqsoft.com/</A>.<BR style="CLEAR: both"><!-- google_ad_section_end --></P>
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    I've moved to adequate place.

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