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Hardware and host recommendations for hosted SQL

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Performance Tuning for Hardware' started by jagpno, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. jagpno New Member

    I am evaluating using a hosted SQL server and would like feedback regarding my options.
    This is for 50-75 concurrent users, mostly reading data, ~20gb database.

    Softlayer has this option:

    Server Dual Processor Dual Core Opteron 2220 - 2.8GHz - 4 x 1MB cache $379.00/month
    Ram 4 GB DDRII Registered 667 $50.00/month
    Disk System 4 x 73GB 15k RPM SA-SCSI RAID 10 $250/month
    Database Software Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup (32bit) $120.00/month

    I realize the storage is less than ideal with only 4 disks, but that is the max they offer.
    Is this system adequate or does another host offer better (yet still cost effective) solutions for SQL server?

  2. Luis Martin Moderator

  3. joechang New Member

    it is hard to tell if hosting is included,
    or is this just the hardware
    ask to separate
    in general, i do not like to rent equipment

    from the HP web site
    ProLiant DL385G2
    2 x Opteron 2218 2.6GHz
    4x1GB memory
    4 x 72GB 15K

    Dell PowerEdge 2900
    2 x Xeon 5150 2.66GHz
    4 x 1 GB memory
    4 x 73GB 15K

    so you are goin g to pay $679/mo for how long (exl SW)
  4. jagpno New Member

    Luis and Joe - thank you for your feedback.

    We are going the hosted route because this is for an Internet application. It would cost $1,000s to get even a 10mb/s connection without the redundant carriers offered by the host.

    So, I guess it comes down to this:

    If we are limited to 4 disks:
    (2) RAID 1 - OS / log files
    (2) RAID 1 - data files

    (4) RAID 10 - OS, log, and data files

    Which is going to be faster?

    And roughly how much faster would this be:
    (2) RAID 1 - OS
    (4) RAID 10 - data

    I realize it is highly application dependent, but all other factors being equal, how do these configurations compare?

    Thank you so much for your quick responses.
  5. joechang New Member

    i think you should look for a host provider that lets you rent space and bandwidth
    and put your own equipment there
    i know some that have purchase arrangements with hw vendors

    it taking a quick look at the softlayer site,
    i do seriously suggest you look for another provider

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