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High Memory usage.

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Performance Tuning for Hardware' started by gangulyarindam, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I have a test Server having the following configuration :

    Model Type : DL360 G3
    Processor : 3.06GHz
    Memory Size : 2GB
    Hard Drive : 2 x 146GB (Raid 1)

    Obviously it is a low end server. To monitor the Server Performance BMC Patrol Monitoring Application has been installed. What has surprised me that the Application generates the following error message even during the least/no usage time :

    <Server> : Memory usage at 90.61% (/NT_HEALTH/NT_HEALTH/MemoryUsage).

    Although this is one time figure that I demonstrated it goes up even beyond 95%.

    Can you please advise the basic reason behind it.

    Arindam Ganguly
  2. satya Moderator

    The Memory configuration in SQL is dynamic and it will only release when OS requests back, even we too get these alerts very often. So what we have checked is to ensure there are no performance issues or database issues at this time, then supress that alert on Patrol application.

    Also check whether any database maintenace tasks have been performed just before that alert is generated.

    Satya SKJ
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  3. joechang New Member

    let us know if you feel that Patrol actually provides meaningful purpose,
    and weigh this against the alerts that do not result in any action
    and any problems caused by Patrol

    same with other performance monitoring apps
  4. Hi All,

    Thanks for your feedback. In fact I was also under impression that the Patrol provides some meaningful data at the very begining. But when observed it was found that alert is spasmodic and qurying further came to know that before each alert that Patrol submits, it experiences the exceeding of Memory usage threshold 5 times. It may even span for 4-5 hours. Thereby time and incidence ratio is at high end.

    I have also observed that it never provides the duration of the threshold overlimit. Even the Windows event log that I checked does not figure any abnormal incidence, neither I could get any Memory leakage issue. The performance wise too did not experience any bottleneck at the time of such incidence.

    I just got your view and thereby confirmed my conscent.

    Thanking you once again.

    Arindam Ganguly
  5. joechang New Member

    it is more or less my opinion that almost all of the performance monitoring products provide nearly worthless value,
    and are likely to be the cause of any problems

    it seems that some programmer were assigned the task to build a product,
    who know how to look up API calls to collect information
    but since they do not solve actual performance problems profesionally & scientifically,
    all they do is ask other people what are acceptable values for certain counters.

    more on this later

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