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    insertXpress automatically generates insert scripts for Microsoft SQL

    If you have two databases with the same structure and you need to
    transfer the data from one database to another, then insertXpress is the
    answer for you!

    An insertXpress insert script contains all of the data that you have
    selected from the source database. All you need to do is run it on the
    target database and it inserts the data automatically.

    insertXpress has the following features and options. You can:

    Transfer all field types, including image, binary, varbinary and
    Create your script from tables or views
    Limit the number of rows transferred from the tables
    Use a where statement to select data for transfer
    Automatically insert table and column names in your where statement
    using XpressApps' 'Intellisense' Code Complete
    Replace or append the existing data in the target database
    View dependencies and the order of scripting
    Name the target database in the script, or omit the name
    Include identity fields in the data or allow the target database to
    generate them
    Omit image fields (You may want to do this if the database has large

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    Selecting a server and database took some exploring (of course I tried without the help file!).

    It threw an error and did not script anything first time(only the delete statement). It then disabled the script button when I changed tables after the error.

    Beautiful interface. IMHO, it is useful but will require a little more work to make it friendly and even commercial.

    Nathan H.O.
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    We have just released a new version, I will pass on your feedback to the development team although nobody else has had a compliant about selecting a server.

    We have made a few changes and even include the ability to make an update script.

    Bryan Oliver
  4. vbkenya New Member

    Maybe. Do you have it?

    Nathan H.O.
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    I have locked this topic and deleted several replys that did not fit within the policy of this forum.


    Brad M. McGehee, MVP

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