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Installing SQLS 2005 64 bit to Vista 64 bit

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by cjp, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. cjp New Member

    I was told by a Sequel Server Consultant that SQLS 2005 64 bit would install fine on Vista 64 bit. I've just tried...and it failed...several times...
    It seems that everything installed except the part I really want - the database engine! I think that the issue is to do with User Rights but I am out of my depth here.
    I remembered to install SQLS sp2 but this didn't help since the database engine wasn't there...
    Can anyone tell me the basic steps to get the installation to work? - I've looked up blogs on this, including from Microsoft, but I don't really understand what is being said.
  2. moh_hassan20 New Member

    What version of vista 64 bit ?
    what version of sql server 64 bit ?
    check sql versions on vista 64bit at: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms143506(SQL.90).aspx
  3. cjp New Member

    Vista = Ultimate (patched up to date by the company that built the computer); SQLS = Developer. To the best of my knowledge, the installation disks for SQLS don't contain SP's: I apply these afterwards (ie I install SP 2 from a download I have saved to a USB drive).
    Thanks for the link - I will explore it.
    My sense of this is that I have, somehow, to persuade Vista to give me (the only user) full admin rights.
  4. cjp New Member

    I've just checked the requirements and it seems that Vista Ultimate works (or should work) with SQLS 2005 Developer Edition.
    One puzzle is that it says that SP 2 must be loaded if SQLS is to work on Vista. Presumably, it is not possible to load SP 2 before loading SQLS...but if I load SP2 after installing SQLS, it can't find the database engine!
    I think I might need to buy XP 64-bit...
  5. cjp New Member

    Next instalment...
    The MS compatibility documentation says that SQLS 05 Developer X64 will instal under XP Pro 2003 X64. However, the only release I can find is XP Pro 2006 X64 - containing SP 2. Is it OK to use this latest version if I decide to change the OS?
    The reason I am trying to use either Vista or XP is to get better device driver support (especially for a printer). My main system uses Windows Server 2003 but I cannot find printer drivers for this so I want to find an alternative for this new computer.
    If I buy the latest version of Windows XP Professional Edition X64, would you expect SQLS 05 to instal properly? - It might be better to bite the bullet and choose XP rather than messing around with Vista.
  6. moh_hassan20 New Member

    try to install vista 64 bit SP1 before start buying xp 64bit. May it resolve your printer problem.
  7. cjp New Member

    Thanks for the thought.
    In the end, I decided to forget Vista and run XP X64 instead. So far, this seems to be working fine, and I have managed to find device drivers for this OS.
    For anyone who is thinking of running Sequel Server on Vista, my advice is...don't - unless you have a deep understanding of user rights and are prepared to spend precious time messing around with compatibility issues.
  8. satya Moderator

    I was wondering what edition of SQL you are trying to install on VISTA?
  9. cjp New Member

    I was trying to install 64-bit 05 Developer Edition into the most recent patch of Vista Ultimate 64-bit.
  10. satya Moderator

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