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invalid length message

Discussion in 'SQL Server DTS-Related Questions' started by cronid, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. cronid New Member

    This is a DTS problem.

    I am trying to load an ASCII text file (the first 5 lines are shown below).

    I'm defining 29 fixed length columns and have editted the original
    file to create a carriage control at the 140th position. I define
    the fixed length columns in the properties tab for the text file source
    with no problems, but when I go to the properties in the Transform Data
    Task and select source I get the 'invalid column length' message. I am not
    able to view the file from that tab even though I can see it in the
    properties of the text file source.


    B0018001055102 000115500 000519750000 0627200626178006505250 C00000000 A100000 00000 %100 00000000
    B001800130H105 000058200 000116400000 0627200626178000205250 C00000000 A100000 00000 %100 00000000
    B001800206R102 000263900 000712530000 0627200626178000305250 C00000000 A100000 00000 %100 00000000
    B001800206R102 000189000 000510300000 0628200626179001905250 C00000000 A100000 00000 %100 00000000
    B001800206R102 000088000 000237600000 0705200626186000905300 C00000000 A100000 00000 %100 00000000
  2. satya Moderator

    Is service pack upto date on SQL server?

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  3. cronid New Member

    I'm not sure but I will inquire.

    Is that pertinent?

  4. cronid New Member

    When you delimit the fixed fields it is possible to mark the start of the record as a column but then DTS sees it as an invalid length. As soon as I removed that mark, the problem was solved.

    There's no other way to enter an invalid length - double clicking the same column removes the delimiter, it doesn't create two.

    Interesting that Microsoft came up with an error message but didn't make it impossib;e to delimit at the start of the record.

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